Medi-Services at Whisper Creek: Acne & Skin Care Solutions

I am a certified acne specialist.  I have received extensive training in the Dr. James Fulton method of acne treatment as formulated by the Face Reality Skin Care system.  Dr. Fulton is both a dermatologist and biochemist, and was one of the developers of RetinA™.  He personally suffered from severe acne and has spent his entire career devoted to treatment.  He has written a book “Acne Rx” that is a must read for those interested in the most in depth understanding of this often misunderstood disease.

Many practitioners (doctors as well as estheticians) still treat from a distorted understanding of this frustrating condition. When you begin treatment with me, you will receive a packet of information that simplifies and teaches you why traditional methods are very often unsuccessful.  You will learn why the use of topical as well as oral antibiotics is NOT the answer.  You will understand why oil is NOT the cause.  You will also see that there is a much safer and effective alternative to Accutane™.  And lastly, you will finally have many of the myths dispelled about all of the things you’ve been told cause acne; particularly those that blame you and your actions as the cause.  

Acne is an inherited condition which pores clog with dead skin cells.  Normal, healthy pores shed about one layer of dead skin cells per day inside the pore. Acne-prone pores shed up to five layers of dead skin cells per day – that’s a rate the body just can’t keep up with.  And when the excess shed skin gets trapped in the pore, it leads to blackheads or congestion.  If bacteria are present – bacteria which thrives on dead skin cells and oil – you have the perfect ingredients for inflamed pimples or pustules.


There are two types of acne:  Inflamed and Non-inflamed. The two can combine sometimes, as well.  I will determine which type you suffer from.

  Inflamed Acne


Hot to the touch


Possibility of cysts

Excessive oil

Skin is sensitive
and reactive to products

 Non-inflamed Acne:

Dull sluggish appearance


Some pimples/pustules

Excessive oil

Tissue congestion

Skin is generally not sensitive or reactive

While acne is a mysterious condition, one thing is for sure:  it can be controlled with the right combination of products, used correctly. The Face Reality Skin Care product system treats acne with products that unclog the pores, kill acne bacteria and keep skin clear.

Depending upon your type of acne – inflamed or non-inflamed – the Face Reality Skin Care system will have your problem skin under control in about three months, thanks to a highly effective combination of pharmaceutical-grade home care products that are customized for your type of acne, and a series of bi-monthly treatments that facilitate skin clearing.

But, with the Face Reality system, the successful treatment of acne doesn’t start and end with our treatments – it also demands looking out for other factors that could be aggravating your skin, like certain foods, medications, cosmetics, stress, and common ingredients in skin care formulations (even professional and prescription products!) that might be clogging your pores.


I am your clear skin expert. I’ll closely monitor your progress and make sure that you have the best, most effective regimen for your skin – making adjustments, if necessary, to get your skin healthy and clear in the fastest way possible.

Book today to prevent permanent scarring and finally achieve the beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of.