Facials, Peels & Microderms

Brentwood TN Skin Care

RX Facial   60 Minutes  $100.00

This is our most advanced facial that is customized according to what the skin needs and the client is most concerned with.  Consists of skin assessment, thorough cleansing, advanced electrical modalities and/or active liposome treatments as indicated by the skin.

TEEN FACIAL   45 Minutes  $85.00

The perfect facial for the youth who needs a deep cleaning.  Includes exfoliation, extractions, and mask.

Acne Treatment   45 Minutes   $80.00

May consist of skin assessment for type and severity of acne, photo taken, surface cleansing, a mild chemical peel or steam and exfoliation (depending on the condition of the skin the day of appointment), application of antibacterial serums, corrective serums and extractions.  Designed to balance, hydrate, clear acne impactions and prepare the skin for the home care regimen.

Deep Cleansing with Extractions   Only 20 Minutes/$60

This is a deep cleaning of the face with extractions only.  No additional equipment will be used.

Facial w/Infusion Peel *   60 Minutes  $125.00

Comprehensive facial with an Infusion Peel.  

Infusion Peel Only     45 Minutes     $95.00

Thorough cleansing, peel application, massaged in under steam, removed and sunscreen applied.          

Meta Therapy  30 Minutes  $125

Experience the revolutionary new skin rejuvenation treatment. This treatment works by creating invisible micro perforations in the skin in a quick, safe, and painless way.  This stimulates the natural healing mechanism to produce collagen and elastin, which repair the micro-perforations.  The skin becomes more firm and elastic, fine lines and wrinkles fade, pores refine, the blood circulation is stimulated.

Micro Current  60 Minutes  $125

The Beautiful Image Facial & Body Sculpting procedure is a revolutionary way to safely and effectively tighten and firm the skin.   This technology is performed using exclusively designed facial and body sculpting wands.  These “magic” wands glide over the treated area and emit a gentle micro current to the cells, rehabilitating and firming the facial muscles.  The current penetrates deep into the face or body through the connective tissues of the skin via specific acupuncture points, thus causing increased production of collagen and elastin which smooth out lines and soften wrinkles.

Microderm with Infusion  60 Minutes  $150.00

This is a facial with Microdermabrasion for exfoliation allowing for optimum penetration of the Infusion Peel.  This is the ultimate treatment for skin that needs a “kick start” to radiance!

Skin Classic Treatment   60 Minutes  $250.00
Click on the “Skin Classic” tab to the left to read all about this exciting treatment!  This includes a microdermabrasion treatment prior to the Skin Classic.  This includes all skin irregularities from the top of the forehead all the way down to the bottom of the chest.

Back Facial    1 hour  $60.00
Thorough cleansing, exfoliation under steam, extractions, massage, of creams and or serums as needed.  Great for the bride to be or pre bikini season!

*Facial Infusion Peel Information
We believe this is the most effective peel and/or procedure on the market. Instead of wounding the skin, Facial Infusion, with its potent liposomal delivery of calming, antibacterial, lightening and (8) dermal remodeling ingredients, is great for every skin condition. It is extremely safe because it is free of any alpha/beta hydroxy acids and it is therefore tolerated by all skin types. We see mild to moderate exfoliation 2-3 days after the peel which lasts for another 2-3 days usually. The peel is gentle but the results are significant.  (Can be performed with a facial or as a peel only.)